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Und wieder hat der Krieg ein Opfer gefordert…

Wenn die Sonne des Lebens untergeht,dann Leuchten die Sterne der Erinnerung... Wir gedenken an Nazaire, der viel zu früh von uns gehen musste. Sein Leben war nicht einfach und er musste viel kämpfen und durchmachen. Er war intelligent und hatte immer ein lächeln auf...

Vielen Dank für all die Anstrengungen des gesamten Teams

Vielen Dank für die Bemühungen des gesamten Teams (Torhüter, Herd, proffesseur, Fußballtrainer , Psychologe, Zofe und Vorgesetzte), die für Straßenkinder und ehemalige Kindersoldaten für Kinder im Aufnahmezentrum für Bimbo Pflege . Nur wenige...

NGOs Sosuiben Fussball Spiel

Unser Welcome Centre befindet sich in der Stadt Bimbo, in der Agglomeration von Bangui entfernt. Seine Kapazität beträgt 30 Kinder. Unsere Hauptaktivitäten sind: Alphabetisierung Wiedereingliederung psychosoziale Betreuung medizinische...

Don Freiburg auf der Material

Eine Familie in Freiburg gab Geschenke an unsere Kinder das Besucherzentrum bei Bimbo. Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe Steffy Gino und die Kinder können mit einem großen Lächeln zurückkommen

Resourcing Magazin Schweiz

Die SO.SUI.BEN NGOs in Genf Resourcing Ausgabe Magazin präsentiert in diesem Jahr verteilt werden. Entdecken Sie die Doppelseite , die ihm gewidmet war, wie diese Organisation zu unterstützen, die kämpft gegen Armut und Unterernährung in der...

Fußballspiel im Stadium 20 000 Plätze in Bangui

Unsere Gewinner des Tages im Stadium 20 000 Plätze in Bangui   Reportage des nationalen TV:

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Facebook So Sui Ben

1 month ago


It’s Valentine, and Africunia Bank is extending its love 💕 to everyone investors out there!
#buyafcash #afcash #valentine #love #gift #box #digitalbanking #finance #bitcoin #cryptocurrency #trading #excoincial
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2 months ago



Dear AFRICUNIA BANK Community,

Again AFRICUNIA BANK promises and delivers!!

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of AFCASH MULTI-CURRENCY ANDROID MOBILE DIGITAL WALLET - Beta release!!!


AFRICUNIA BANK Team of Developers and Technical Crew genuinely wants to make the AFCASH wallet a visual epitome of beauty, an interactive and user-friendly product in such a way that you could inculcate it as a vital App for your daily living. And so in order to achieve that aim, the AFCASH Wallet will undergo an advanced beta testing period. Counting on your dedicated participation, we are highly confident we can fix the bugs that might affect smoothness of the wallet use and without an iota of doubt we are more than gracious to receive unbiased comments and feedbacks from you.

Furthermore, we are elated to bring to your knowledge that AFCASH wallet has been approved by Google Play Store after reputation and security checks and so AFCASH Android Mobile App is LIVE on Google Play Store!

To download the wallet please go to: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.africunia.afcashwallet

When you visit Google Play Store to download the App don’t forget to give us 5 Star and a positive review if you believed we deserve it. Thank you for taking part in the testing and HAPPY TESTING!

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2 months ago


Hello Excoincial Community,

The hour has come and as we promised, we are opening Excoincial platform today, 9th January 2019 at 21:00 GMT.

As a precautionary measure we opted to follow these steps outlined below:

* Day 1 (9th January): Start of platform registrations only.

* Day 2 (10th January): Start of submission of KYC only.

* Day 3 (11th January): Start of Coin Deposits and Withdrawals only.

*Day 4 (12th January): Start of Coin Trading (Please do not attempt to trade until this day otherwise you do so at your own risk).

We are beginning with 2 Markets, namely AFCASH & BITCOIN MARKETS; and 3 Pairs, namely BTC/AFCASH; ETH/BTC; AFCASH/BTC in order to publicly test-run the Beta Version of the Exchange today. However, over the next few weeks till the end of January 2019 we will continue to add our Partners' coins such as: StellarGold (XLMGOLD), Kittoken (KIT), Reecore (REEX), Etheera (ETA), Bitcore (BTX), Electronero (ETNX/ETNXP), DIMCOIN (DIM), USDT, RIPPLE, BITCOIN CASH. Litecoin and others.

It is imperative we reiterate that this is only the beginning of an interesting journey as our Developers continue with further development and integration of and great features. Just relax, enjoy the ride watch us grow from here upwards. Meanwhile do not hesitate to mail us at info@excoincial.com and tell us what we should improve and what more features you would love to see in Excoincial and we will try our possible best to integrate them for the Community.

As for those who were expecting overnight miracle, we are sorry if we disappointed you but Rome, they say. was not built in a day. We are only but humans and do have our elastic limit. And for the anxious and inquisitive ones note that it will take a process and a few more months of trade and traffic to have volume and for any Exchange to reach the level you dream of. Hopefully you will help us in this journey and not to take steps or make utterances that will pull us down rather than uplifting us. In any case we hope you love what we have done so far.

Please note, during the short period of spamassasin database updates, our mails may be coming with delays of 30-40 seconds. Please wait patiently for some time and report to us if you found our notification in spam folder.

Finally, please visit Excoincial Exchange: https://excoincial.com/ and commence registration.
Now let me get back to work. Thank you all!

At your service,

Alexander Papevis
CTO - Excoincial Exchange.
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